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Delphi XE3 הוא הדרך המהירה ללימוד בניית יישומי עבור אנדרואיד ו- iOS   Buy Now

Easy-to-learn app development for Android and iOS

Embarcadero® Delphi® XE5 is easy-to-learn app development for teams building true native apps for Android and iOS, and getting them to app stores and enterprises fast. Build apps using the same source codebase without sacrificing app quality, connectivity or performance. With native Android and iOS support, reach the largest addressable mobile markets in the world.


True native Android and iOS support

Develop apps for smartphones and tablets with the only development platform that enables you to create true native apps for Android and iOS from a single source codebase. The apps you create with Delphi XE5 can access common mobile device sensors and services, and deliver the best app performance with native GPU and CPU support. Learn more >

Create multi-device, true native apps

When you use Delphi for multi-device app development, you don't have to maintain multiple development projects to deliver your app natively for multiple devices (PCs, tablets and smartphones) on multiple platforms (Android, iOS, Windows, and OS X). True Native app development lets you deliver script-free native apps that run full-speed directly on the device CPU – so you create faster, richer apps that end users love. Learn more >


RAD Multi-Device Application Platform

Mobile app development today often extends far beyond the device with the need to support real time communication and access to enterprise data and cloud services. Delphi’s Multi-Device Application Platform makes it possible for developers to deliver truly connected mobile computing from the device through to back-end services on multiple client OS’s and device form factors.

Rapidly connect your apps to your enterprise databases and services on-premises or in the cloud with FireDAC enterprise database connectivity, DataSnap n-tier middleware, and access to cloud-based RESTful web services and MBaaS providers. Learn more >

Create mobile apps using the programming skills, knowledge and code you already have. Your Delphi iOS apps run directly on the device for fast performance you can only get with true native apps. Want to see what your users will see? Delphi enables visual design of iOS user interfaces for multiple device types, resolutions, and orientations.  Learn more >

Get a fast start and fast results

Design and develop your apps with extendable and reusable visual components for faster and highly maintainable development. Delphi's rapid prototyping lets you create a visual prototype that runs directly on the target device so you can incorporate feedback, and get your app to market fast. Visual development, an easy-to-learn programming language and built-in enterprise class database support enable you to deliver impressive results with less coding effort. Learn more >

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Get more security and control

Many app development vendors enable multi-platform development by using scripting languages and runtimes which are notorious hacker targets and present inherent security risks on mobile devices. With Delphi, you get true native app development, so your code runs directly on the device, reducing the risk of third party attacks. 
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Award winning solution

Delphi is an award-winning software development solution, used by millions of developers worldwide and supported by an active community of software developers, technology partners, and component vendors.


iOS app development features are available in all editions of RAD Studio, in Delphi Enterprise edition and higher, and in Delphi Professional edition with the Mobile Add-On Pack option.

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